​​​Please check back often as showdates will be added frequently: 

The Hern Brothers celebrate 39 years of non-stop Rock, Funk & Disco shows this 2018!!

Hern Brothers Band

Saturday, Feb. 2nd. Columbus, OH. Convention Ctr.

Saturday, Feb. 9th. Private show

Friday, March 29th. Hollywood Casino, Austintown, OH. 9pm. 

Saturday, April 13th. Private Show. Cleveland, OH.

Saturday, April 27th. TCL Inc. Corporate Expo. Columbus, OH.

Saturday, May 11th. Legends Rock Room. Medina, OH. 9pm.

Saturday, May 25th. Holiday Camplands. Andover, OH. 9pm.

Friday, May 31st. Hollywood Casino, Austintown, OH. 9pm.

Friday, June 28th. Hollywood Casino, Austintown, OH. 9pm.

Friday, August 2nd. ST. Patrick's Church Festival, Hubbard, OH. 8pm.

Saturday, August 10th. Bayshore Campground. Andover, OH. 8pm.

Sunday, Sept. 1st. Holiday Camplands, Andover, OH. 9pm.

Friday, Sept. 6th. Hollywood Casino, Austintown, OH. 9pm.

Saturday, Sept. 21st. Waterfire, Sharon, PA. 4:30pm.

Saturday, Sept. 28th. Park Inn @ Radisson, Hermitage, PA. 9pm.

Friday, 25th. Johnson Club, Hillsville, PA.  Private show

​Saturday, Oct. 5th. Los Gallos, Boardman, OH. 9pm.

​Friday, Nov. 22nd. Hollywood Casino, Austintown, OH. 9PM.

Saturday, Dec. 7th. Venture Plastics. Private Party.

Saturday, Dec. 28th.